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Monday, November 14, 2011

TP Roll & Hand Turkey

This cute little craft is one that will not only be perfect for your holiday decor but will also make your little ones very happy. I love crafts like this because they allow me to capture a piece of time when their hands were so small.

TP roll
Construction paper in fall colors
2 googly eyes, or black marker

Cut two slits into your TP roll to make a triangle, and fold up to make your Turkey's bill (as shown in the picture) Trace your hand print onto the construction paper and cut out. From your construction paper (preferrably red color) cut out a "J" shape for under your turkey's neck. Glue onto the TP roll just under his beek. Glue the hand prints around the base of your TP roll. To finish it off, glue on googly eyes, or draw on eyes with a black marker. You've just created an adorable Thanksgiving turkey

craft source here

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