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Sunday, November 13, 2011

 This one takes me back to my teen years Purple Rain was one of my favorite songs then. Listening to it today brought back lots of memories

 Love Dolly and because this fort she speaks of is not far from where I live I wanted to share this song in our colorful collection today. Hope you enjoy the Green Beret

 This is an older song I remember watching reruns of the Beatles. They were during my moms generation but the Yellow Submarine is a great song for all generations

 Hope you enjoyed my selections but as Pink  sings here "So What" these are a few of my favorites and may not be yours but I hope you still enjoy them as well



  1. Now why didn't I think of "PINK"!?! She's on o my favorites! YOU SO ROCK! Love all you other picks too! Haven't heard Dolly in along time, and of course great minds think alike we both have PURPLE RAIN! Have a great day & thanks for playin' along!

  2. LOL I used Pink for one of my picks today, too. Whoo-hoo! I thought about Yellow Submarine, but decided on others. And, I forgot about Dolly's song Green Beret. It was fun to dance with you...great choices!

  3. I love Dolly Parton!

    Love your choices!

    Thanks for rocking in

  4. Pink is awesome! And so is Prince!

  5. I didn't think of Pink either! Purple Rain is such a beautiful song!


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