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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jakes BBQ Sauce Review

Summer time means more to me than hot weather and days without school. It means a whole new grilling season has began. Yes I am the type of person that loves to barbq all year round but it is summer time that sees me doing it even more than usual. My mother was the individual who set my love for grilled food early in life. Every chance she got she would be outside by the grill fixing delicious goodies for the family. Jake's BBQ Sauce would be a product that my mom would have loved to have in her arsenal of goodies.

Recently we were able to try some of Jake's amazing products. When the lovely package from Jakes BBQ sauce arrived it contained 3 sauces each with different heats, a season salt and a dry rub mix. The next thing I knew we were out grilling testing out some of the goodies we received. Not only did we use the great products for grilling but thus far has used the season salt to flavor the ground beef to use in goulash, the barbq has been used to help barbq chicken that we baked in the oven. While grilling season is great Jake's BBQ Sauce and products can be used in many great ways.

What We Received for Review
One of the products we received was Jake's Original Mild BBQ sauce. A combination of fresh natural ingredients. One bright point is that this bbq sauce contains no corn syrup. A super secret blend of spices, salts, mustards and more are blended into the sauce mix. The sauce mix to us was tasty, smooth, with a mild taste of heat that leant a flavorful taste to the chicken that we used it on that left us all wanting more. Not only is there no corn syrup in the sauce it was also made with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives as well as no ketchup. The true taste of the sauce shined through on the chicken and I trust it to be great on other dishes as well.

Just in case you want a bit more heat in your sauce you are in luck because Jakes BBQ sauce comes in a medium hot style as well. The medium hot style offers a exceptionally smoky flavor that is combined with jalapeno, habanero and ginger. If you are around hot foods at all then you know that the peppers in this sauce are known to give off intense heat and the ginger nicely blends in as well. Opening the jar offered an aroma that pleased all of us including myself all though I am not truly a lover of great heat. A closer look at the sauce gave me a quick idea that my family (lovers of heat) would love this sauce. The wonderfully blended heat of this sauce allowed me to get applause and smiles from my family as their taste buds were well pleased with the sauce. 

Oh boy are you a lover of heat? The word inferno seems to give a nod to those that both love heat and those that like it even hotter. Inferno will either scare you away or offer you an invitation to a world that you really enjoy. Made from a family recipe and using all natural ingredients to blend up a spicy bar b que that even "Chileheads" will love the Inferno sauce is sure to please. Earning awards for being a unique sauce that delivers flavors rich and enticing that leads to levels of head spinning heat in every bite. Offering a consistent level of heat the aromas of habanero and jalapeno and the flavored molasses, garlic and spices the Inferno sauce offers taste buds even more to love. This Barbecue Sauce contains No MSG, No, Corn Syrup, No Ketchup, No Artificial Sweeteners or flavorings, No Gluten and No Trans Fats, just pure natural BBQ Sauce.

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we love the great bbq products we recieved to review from Jakes and would love to thank them. Thoughts and opinions shared in this post are those of mine alone

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