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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pretzel Crisps Review

Pretzel Crisps have quickly become a favorite among my teens. They no longer have to choose between a pretzel and the crisp of a chip. Pretzel Crisps are thin spreadable cracker that allow individuals to snack healthy. Pretzel Crisps have been on the market since 2004 but just recently being picked up by my teens. The crisps offer a snack that is low fat, low calorie, and wholesome snack that I can feel good as a mother buying my teens. Pretzel Crisps were founded by Warren and Sara Wilson who are known as snack food pioneers also creating bagel and pita chips. Pretzel Crisps are perfectly sized flat like snack that are perfect for eating alone or spread with dip or salsa. There is a variety of great flavors such as garlic, buffalo wing and others.

I work out of the house and my teens are always on the go and thus we need a snack that will keep us going, one that has some nutritional value and can easily be taken wherever we go. Pretzels Crisps meet these points of interest for us and are better for us than the regular potato chips. With only 110 calories per serving and no fat they are healthier for us as well. Both the American Dietetic Association and American Heart Association recommends have goals for the public that advises limiting fat in the diet. Pretzel Crisps are easy to take along on a days journey. They fit in small spaces like the glove compartment of a car, lockers, backpacks, purses, or wherever you store the snack for the day.

Pretzel Crisps website offers great ways to serve them up. One of these great ways is the Zesty Fiesta:
■Original Pretzel Crisp®

■Sliced salami

■Jalapeno cheddar cheese

For a zesty combo great for barbecues or buffets, top a savory Pretzel Crisp® with a folded round of salami and a thin wedge of spicy jalapeno cheddar

You can find Pretzel Crisps in the deli section or snack department of many great stores to find a list of stores where they are available visit here
Pretzel Crisps are on facebook and twitter as well

we were sent a variety of Pretzel Crisps snacks to prepare for this review. We were not compensated in any other manner and were happy to share our own thoughts and opinions in this blog post.

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