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Monday, May 9, 2011



A song that you will always find gets a reaction out of me. Life changes and this sort of song helps me get through it all. There are many versions out there and each time I feel the same. I hope you enjoy


  1. I love that song. Come and sign up for my giveaway If you have a chance...Christine

  2. Didn't she write that for her Dad or something like that? Totally love Stevie Nicks. She can go it with the band, and they should consider themselves lucky or she could go it alone. I love a song she did with Tom Petty, "Stop draggin' my heart around". Have a great day & hope to see you next week too. Already following.

  3. Love that song and the salad is one of our favorites throughout the summer when fresh tomatoes and cukes are readily available!

  4. Same with Dolly, I like Stevie Nicks, and a lot of her songs, especially Stop Dragging...


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