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Sunday, May 8, 2011

PackIt Review

Working outside of the house is part of my life now. Taking my lunch allows me to save money and with great products like the PackIt taking my lunch is easier and greener than eating out at lunch. I am able to pack my lunch with leftovers or items that I buy and plan to take for lunch or I can make something special to take to lunch. The PackIt makes it simple

PackIt keeps items kept inside cooler for longer. In fact items stay cool up to 10 hours which eliminates the need for ice or gel packs. This makes it nice to take your lunch to school or work or take the baby on a day trip where no fridge will be available. The PackIt is eco-friendly because it is better than those brown paper bags. The PackIt is PVC and Lead free, non-toxic, earth safe and reusable As I said before the PackIt allows me to save money by taking my lunch rather than buying my lunch. I also love the fact that I know where my lunch bag is at all times and that I do not have to worry about heading out to buy those brown lunch bags which would cost me money and I don't have to use the reusable grocery sacks which would not cost alot but I don't really care much for.

PackIt is a product that was created by moms for moms. The PackIt is designed to keep things cool very cool . It allows us to continue to eat healthy even on the go!! It does this through the use of a gel that has been made in the liner of the bag. The PackIt folds up easily and stores in the freezer til it is needed then when it is ready to use when needed. The PackIt is even better than a ready to go bag because of the cooling system it offers. It not only stores the food but keeps it cool til you are ready to eat (up to 10 hours)

Buy: you can purchase the PackIt on their website located at There are many patterns and colors to choose from

we were supplied with a PackIt of our own to use for this review. The thoughts and opinions shared in this post are those of mine alone

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