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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Weekend

 I have enjoyed a peaceful weekend at home away from work since I had asked for a four day weekend and guess what I got it. Awesome. Tommorow I will head back to work where things will be a bit behind since I tood the time off but boy was it worth it. Thursday was a day that I went with my daughter, husband and brother in law shopping and checking things out. A great time to get away from the reality of the daily grind. Saved quite a bit of money as we went grocery shopping and I used great sales as well as coupons to make it a great shopping trip. Friday was a day of well whatever goes to lounge around the house. Yesterday was clean up day and things really got done that needed to be but because of work nearly never get done. Today, Mothers Day we went to church as a family and I got an award for having most children present. P) Well the kids have been great the meal was wonderful and now just sitting here relaxing. 

What was your weekend like?


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    I'm glad to read your four-day weekend was nice. It's always great to save money on a shopping trip, clean the house with the help of willing family members, and relax at the end of it all. I just hope your transition back to work is easy. Enjoy these last few hours of your Mother's day... :)

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  2. You've got a great blog here. Thanks for your comments on my blog. :)
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