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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Highlights My Past Week
This last week has been very busy. To start with there was a radio auction that is sponsored by a local club that does good for children and adults. The auction is held yearly and so each year I donate (buy) items this year I purchased a handmade baby Afghan, some cake pops that were sweetly decorated in Easter motif, 2 cases of soda that were great purchases and a couple of glass jars that were $25 dollars at the store these were a steal at $4 and are so cute decorated with chickens.

I went shopping last week as well and had a great day. I saved over $160 dollars. No I am not an extreme couponer but between coupons and store deals we did great. On top of saving money I got the needed items to feed my family for the next two weeks.

What are the highlights that you have seen in your life during the past week? I would love to hear from you leave a comment I will read each and every one.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed looking around on yours.

  2. I love going to the store and getting lots of stuff for a great deal.

  3. It's exciting to save money for purchases. Hurray for you, super shopper.
    Wanna buy a duck


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