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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday 9

1. What is the most “down and out” that you've ever been?

wow there was one time in my early marriage (25 years ago) that we were not for sure where our next meal was going to come from now we are happy and doing well with the experiences we have been through our knowledge is gold

2. Do you believe there is only one "right" religion?


3. If you could get back in touch with one person you've lost touch with, who would it be and why?

There are many members of my family that have went different directions I would love to have a large family reunion and have eveyone show up

4. Has anyone ever held the key to your heart, but did not know it?

yes there were a few with one special one ending up with it in the end

5. If your lover cheated on you and profusely apologized, might you accept them back into your life?

not for sure have never been in a situation like this so not for sure what I would do

6. Have you ever gone to work/school drunk or stoned? If yes, do tell.

no you can say I was the "good girl"

7. Who is your favorite relative?

not for sure if I have a favorite they are all special to me

8. What annoys you most?

individuals who have negative attitudes and are out to ruin everyone elses day as well
9. Tell us of one thing you used to do that you are not proud of.

well one minor thing is that I used to call off work all the time but now look down on it when other girls do

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  1. hi! thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment, i like your #8 answer, same here, sometimes there are people who are really so negative that they affect me and at the end I will have a bad day just like them :) you have a great day!


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