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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Caillou Doll and Bath Time Play Set Review

Princess loves caillou and if you know a toddler or preschooler I am sure they probably know who Caillou is as well Caillou has his own show on PBS This adventurous little character demonstrates courage by facing challenges every day. Believe it or not preschoolers do face challenges they may not be as hard as the ones they will face when they get older but they are still challenges. Caillou is the sort of character that can help them understand that they too can be strong when facing challenges.

ID Toys have a toy line featuring Caillou. We were able to review the Caillou doll and Caillou BathTime Vehicle. Princess loves to play in the tub and we were thankful when we were selected to review both toys. The Caillou Doll is about 14.5 inches long. Just the perfect size to be a tag along to Princess who is 30 months old. Toddlers love to have a best friend and that is exactly what Caillou is. You can find the Caillou doll at a decent price around $29.99 He has a soft belly with head, arms and feet made of vinyl. This is great as little ones still have a tendency to tug, pull, and even chew on toys the vinyl should stand up nicely.

Princess will have a great time playing with the bath time set in the tub or pool. Summer will be here shortly and the pool will be a place that Princess spends a lot of time. The bathtime playset is rather cool and included a boat with detachable motor, a sail, Caillou, and his dog. The figures of Caillou and his dog separate from the boat allowing the possibilities to build and change the playset helping to strenghten skills that toddlers need. Another great feature of the boat is its propeller which easily winds up and turns very cool. This is both easy and safe for the toddler because when little fingers get in the way it automatically stops and because it runs on simple windup energy it stops as easily as it starts. You can find the Caillou Bath Time Set for around $16.99 ]

You can find these and other Caillou toys at Toys 'R Us stores and online at

This review was sponsored by TeamMom and ID toys. I would like to thank both of them The thoughts and expressions shared in this post are those of mine alone.

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