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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking On Tough Work

5 minutes for mom
Having lost a percentage of our income as of late we have had to look elsewhere for income sources. One of these is that I have set up a place to have rummage sales on a full time basis. I look forward to the sales which start this weekend. We have put time and energy into it to get it ready. So with that going we looked for yet another source a way to make money by taking what others no longer need or want. The new source has all ready made revenue and I am yet on the look for more income to make by services we will offer to help others around their houses. Perhaps this is not the best sort of income but I can remember my own father washing windows, mowing yards, cleaning basements, raking yards etc... to make a bit more money on the side. While my job is not a tackle around the house it is a tackle in deed that helps my family be the best they can be.


  1. This is a great way to make a little extra money. I did this a month or so ago with my family and friends. They each made over $100.00 in one day. I only make $60, but I only had my son's clothes in it. I use the money to buy him some new winter clothes. What I didn't sell I put on ebay. I sold them in lots by size. I made another $40 or $50 doing this. So, don't forget ebay! I have also sold my son's old toys for a good bit too. Good luck this weekend!!

  2. On my screen, you blog writing appears in blue and it is hard to read. I am wondering if you would consider putting your writing in white or another color to make it easier to read. thanks


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