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Friday, November 12, 2010

Crocs Boots giveaway

Crocs have become a household name where I live. They are so common my son for one loves them and would rather wear them than most other shoes. One funny thing that happened recently was that we were at my shop (antiques etc...) talking about old antique crocs and one of the young ladies there misunderstood and said that her crocs (shoes) were getting a bit old but she loved them that way LOL see what I mean crocs have earned their selves a household name. I was suprised to learn that they made more than the old croc style that I was used to. I did not know until I entered the giveaway hosted by Jennifer at the blog Mom Spotted that Crocs actually made snow buits. Just like the shoes they look great as well.

giveaway ends 11/29

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