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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fresh Wave Review

There are times that living with teenagers can get a bit testy. Like the other day when one of my teens wanted a bit to eat and placed a hot pocket in the microwave for 8 minutes. WOW!!! I am not sure why she did this when the package clearly says no more than 2 minutes but needless to say the kitchen and surrounding rooms were quickly filled with smoke and the smell lingered for a bit Fresh Wave has the perfect products for times like this
You can read my review of the Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit and find out how great I think their product is. Not only is this product wonderful for those that live in the dorm where mom can no longer help them but it is also perfect for those teens who prefer you not to enter but after all it is still your room This time I was able to review the pearl packs.
The pearl packs are perfect for the sweaty gym bags that my teens often brought home smelling like sweet and what a foul odor they would possess the pearl packet helped to decrease the horrendous odor. The pearl packs are available in packs of 5 for $15.95 To me this is a price that I gladly paid to help me rid the home of  odors

Fresh Wave provides a breath of fresh air naturally without any harsh chemicals. By using simple, natural, ingredients like lime, pine needle, aniseed clove, cedar wood and water Fresh Wave helps you to naturally provide a naturall solution to odors. Any where that needs a bit of spiffying up like the home, car, office, cabin, boat, locker, gym bag and every place in between Fresh Wave can help. Fresh Wave has 20 years of experience in odor management and proven track record of effectiveness because they are created and distributed by OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management.

Fresh Wave products are wonderful to have on hand during the holidays. Perhaps you may even want to offer a freindly notion by bringing the hostess a friendly gift from Fresh Wave they may thank you with all the hectic of the day.

You can like Fresh Wave on their facebook page  or Follow Fresh Wave on Twitter  or visit the Fresh Wave Webpage

we did receive a product for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions share in this post are those of mine alone.

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