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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is Your Child Learning

Today's world is becoming a busy world where an average family normally has both parents working. This leads to more children in day care and preschool. I overheard a conversation between two concerned moms the other day discussing what children in preschool should be learning. The concern was if the teachers were able to do all that they had in the past because of budget cuts, less supplies as well as less workers. So I thought I would share some of the tips found in the Parents online article What Your Child Should Learn in Preschool.
  • A 2 year old gains experience in day care by building muscles and skills to paint and color as well as exposure to printed material. You should not expect your child to be reading and writing at this age but you should expect them to be able to tell you a story by a picture or words they create. Potty Training is a goal at this age as well.
  • The world of a three year old is full of meeting friends and interactions. Words and writing as well as books (larger the better) become mixed into their world. Counting and understand numbers by counting objects has a role as well. Three year olds are old enough to take out toys and put them back where they belong. A big step for many day care providers as well as parents
  • The days of yesterday Kindergarten of more play than learn are over. Kindergarten of today has reached goals that nearly makes it look like the first grade of yesterday. By 4 years old they should be showing signs of being ready to learn to read. Attention is placed on the child's attention span as well as following directions 2 things that will be expected in kindergarten. Often friends circles begin to grow and kindness is more openly seen.

While any and all of these skills can be learned at a center or at home the emphasis is placed on early learning skills as well as a bit of academics. Learning to play, socialize, using skills of early years is very important to their futures.

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