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Monday, September 13, 2010

Polish Sausage and Pepper $5 Dinner

I was lucky to recently be able to visit our local Amish community where good buys can be found all around. I came home with a bushel of bell peppers for $4. Great buy there were nearly 100 peppers I came some, gave some to my mom, my husbands dad and my husbands brother. I made many recipes with bell peppers including the one I am sharing here:

Polish Sausage and Pepper Dinner

polish sausage (this is the most expensive you can use bratwurst, hotdogs or sausages mine were $3 and I used smoked sausage)

3 bell peppers ($1 is what normal price would be here but as I shared I got a much better buy)

onion .50 (you can add more if you like one onion chopped was enough for our family)

Chop up sausages, peppers and onions. Brown sausages first and then add peppers and onions as if to smother the sausage. Stir and heat together til you can nearly see through the onion and the peppers look limp.

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