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Friday, June 12, 2009

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips

Are you a chip and dip type of person? If so you may be like me and like a chip that will hold up the dip so that when you take a bite the dip stays on the chip and does not fall in your lap. Oh man the stories I could share with you about this. Let me tell you about a chip that I have tested recently that I truly think has the shape and strength to hold up any dip you may want it to. Whale Tails Torilla Chips are the chips that I refer to these delicious, crunchy chips witha tail at the end are the perfect chip in my opinion for dipping.

The story behind these Whale Tails Tortilla Chips goes something like this. A surfer guy and his gal had been surfing all day and an attack of the hungries was fast approaching. They did not share alot of money between them but scratched up enough to buy a bag of tortilla chips and some guacomole dip. As they shared the snack a great song about a whale came on the radio and exactly at that point in time the guacomole fell off the chip and landed square in that cassette. At that point in time the couple entered into a path of thought of how to make a better chip while drawing awareness to the plight of the whales. Thus in the end the Whale Tails Chips were created.

Can you tell from the chip on the left and the whale tail on the right where the name Whale Tails Tortilla Chips came from? I believe you can.
Whale Tails Chips stay busy with not only making this great tasting dip chip but also giving back to the original cause. They work hard for ocean conservation, support the group surfriders group that strives to keep the beaches clean and strives to help educate others about ocean conservation, as well as several other great groups involved in educationing, protecting and sharing with others about whales and the great ocean. By visiting the Whale Tails Chips website you can read about all the activities that they are involved in.
Buy: you can order online or you may be able to find the great dipping chips at a store near you. You can check here to see if there is a shop that sells the Whale Tails Chips near you by following this link The price of these chips that give back are a great value to me and are sold online in bundles so that you can feed a bunch or save some for later.

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