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Friday, June 12, 2009

Andean Collection Review and information

The Andean Collection is a fair trade company that creates beautiful jewelry while upholding socially conscious policies. Artisians in South America from poor communities of Peru and Ecuador create a piece of beauty to sell and in return get a bit more of what they need for their families. Profit from the jewelry goes not only to the artisians their selves but part goes to the community as well. To find out more about the Andean Connection you can visit this link

Now that you know a bit of the background may I travel forward and tell you about the beautiful, colorful jewelry that these special ladies make. Oh the colorful braclet that I received from these ladies reminded me of a glorious day and a necklace that I received from my grandmother many years ago. The Andean Collection carries the flair of the past and the way of the Andean people. Using materials such as acai berries that have recently gained in popularity in the U.S. for their antioxidant , pambil, a palm essential to the culture of Ecuador: and huayruro, a naturally red sead used by peruvians for generations and thought to bring good luck. The seeds are used to create beautiful jewelry that are durable and offer an alternative to the synthetic beads that are seen quite often in today's jewelry.

The great look of the Andean Collection is only topped by the great price of these wonderful pieces. Not only does the great pieces assure you a look like no other but also the great feeling inside that you know that you are helping the Andean People and a price that pleases your pocket as well.

To buy any of these great products and to find out more about the wonderful Andean Collection visit the website located here.


  1. I think it really says a lot that these pieces are created by artisans who donate part of their sales to their community. very commendable!


  2. I think it's great that the materials are made from the natural resources that really represent the cultures!

  3. What a cool company. I love their concept with regards to "helping the earth and those who inhabit it!" Great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am all for wearing natural materials, especially sustainably produced, as opposed to plastic! Such a great idea.
    elenaamble at yahoo dot com


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