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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sports for Kids

Every since my children were little we participated in sports. Now that they are in high school we they continue in sports in school. The younger generation continues to take on young Junior little league programs. This was so fun and can be for your child as well. The group Responsible Groups. com wants children to have fun, follow the rules and become as good at demonstrating good sportsmanship skills as well as talent.

Whether you have one that is just a spectator sitting on the bench or have a teen that loves group sports you can help them to learn great sportsmanship. Here is a few ways to keep the game from becoming a fight and remain fun for the players.
Remember that you can be friends with those that you play against. They are your friends before, during and after the game. All though you face off this does not mean that the fun has to stop.
The game itself is what you are playing to win not beat your opponent. If the skills to play the game is addressed then the emphasis will remain on the game not on those they play against.
The third top reason is that if you happen to loose a game there will always be another chance down the road where you can impress others with their skills
Always remember to keep the fun in the game.
Please leave comment on this post for extra entry in any giveaway on my blog. I would love to hear how you create good sportsmanship with your child

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