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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wett Giggles

Bath time at my house is always one looked forward to for the little ones. Oh the end of the day bath often seems as if it is never coming but it is. When the bath is as refreshing and fun as the Wett Giggles makes it there is no reason to not have tons of fun during a bath. You may ask why, let me tell you.

Take a look at all the fun creatures that adore these bars of soap. No matter what your preference is there will be a Wet Giggles Pal that you can have fun with.

We received the Hamlet Wett Giggles. I was very surprised that the bar of soap and creature was that large. Wett Giggles truly pleases me with the cute little package they have created.

Inspiration behind the Wett Giggles creations comes from the son of the Wett Giggles creator. The idea was to give a fun way that would hopefully lead to better hygiene skills. The glycerin hand made soaps contains essential oils and Shea butter. The fun farm animals named after Shakespearean characters double as nail brushes.

You can buy the fun Wett Giggles character soap directly from the Wett Giggles website.


  1. Ok - I have no children, but I want one of these!

  2. Those are adorable indeed. Too bad we don't have bath time anymore. Thanks for poppin in.

  3. These are just adorable. Thank you for the post. My kids would love them...


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