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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wupzey Review

The wupzey is a sanity saver for parents of little ones. The little ones who love to feed their selves and often make a mess while doing it. The wupzey not only saves the floor but time for the mother who has her hands full.
My granddaughter is a little 10 month old princess that can make a grand mess if you allow her to. She does not care how messy she makes just that she gets to do it her self. She does not like to have the food fed to her and often turns away when you try to feed her with a spoon. She would much rather eat finger foods that she can feed to herself. Oh what a mess this makes at times. The wupzey now helps to control that mess that would otherwise end up on the floor. The only shortfall is that now we need a controlling agent to keep her from throwing the food. LOL
The Wupzey, was designed by a mom with an independent child. This child like mine loved to eat by their self. Well after many times of cleaning the floor and growing tired of the mat that lays on the floor and the work that goes with it set out to find a solution. The solution she located is the wupzey. The wupzey is easily attached, detached and can fold up on the highchair. Best of all it is machine washable so when needing a bit of cleaning can simply be thrown into the washer.
You can find the Wupzey sold at retail stores such as Sears and BabiesRUs by following this link Along with the wupzey you can locate lovely bibs and cover ups created by the makers of Wupzey.

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