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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pauline's Handmade Brittle

One word to describe this review is "DELICIOUS!!" Oh they were so good and Pauline was wonderful about sending a great assortment to try out. While I love most sweets chocolate I can take or leave. So it was fun to see what one was my favorite as well as to share a few (not many mind you) pieces with the ones I loved. The grand homemade taste truly shines through the terrifically tasting brittle.
Paulines Handmade Brittle started out as a family recipe and has grown to where many many people love it. The Delicious brittle is still made one batch at a time like it has always been made. There is no need to change what is all ready perfect. What's even better is that Paulines Handmade Brittle is available in containers of various sorts. Many sizes of boxes and bags can be found on the website available for purchase.
Pauline also has many dessert mixes available for purchase on the website. How delicious they all look. Take time to visit Pauline Homemade Brittle website and see how great they will be. So whether you are looking for Pauline Homemade Brittle or another sweet dessert mix Please visit Paulines website and see the wonderful items she offers.

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  1. Oh! Home made brittle! Why isn't that on my diet? LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that shepherd's pie recipe.


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