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Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday June 29 ,2009

hhm What a wonderful week we had last week and now to share with you all about what I expect this week to bring.

Weather in my neck of the woods
expected to be a bit cooler but I still know it is hot summer time

One of my simple pleasures:
spending time with my husband you know I realized while away on my trip that I missed talking to him daily about the little things in life

On my Bedside Table:
it has lots of goodies from camp and travel that I need to look through

On my TV:
morning talk shows

On my To Do List:
call daughters college
straighten house
cook supper

Did not try any new recipe last week as I was not at home

In the Craft Basket:
preparing items for sunday school

Looking forward to:
this weekend the 4th we will spend time with granddaughter, daughter and son in law YEAH!!!!

not alot of blogging done last week so can not share favorite

Lesson Learned past few days:
grew closer with many young ladies from the church we had a great great time

On my Prayer List:
the youth as they go back to life, my granddaughter as she is a bit under the weather today

we are reading items from church camp and then will be looking for some other great resources for our teens


  1. Enjoy your trip to visit your granddaughter! Have a great week.

  2. I cannot count the memories i have from summer camp! Have a wonderful week going through the things you brought home.

  3. Have a great trip and enjoy your visit :)


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