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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gathering At The Well

Of course we have all seen them they are around the world in every aspect of the world. Who or what are we talking about? Mean girls, the topic for Gathering at The Well for today is mean girls. What do you do when you come across a mean girl? Here are some questions you may consider answering.

What do we do when we come across a mean girl?

As a Titus 2 woman, how can we raise our daughters to not be a mean girl?

Looking back, can you remember a time that you were a victim of a mean girl... how did you overcome?

Looking back, can you remember a time that you WERE a mean girl... what changed you?

I do not believe I react in the same way as I used to when I come in contact with a mean girl. Perhaps it is maturity that has changed this. I seem to talk to them more just spite their meanness. It seems to me if they are mean there has to be a reason and if that can be found out who knows perhaps a friendship can be spawned. Other times, I walk away and leave them alone if the conversation seems to have no hope.

I raise my girls to feel about others emotions and to care about what is going on in thier lives. I have also taught them if them to stick up for each other and those within their personal groups if a problem arises that does not seem changable. Teasing is often a bad source that we have come in contact with.

I was never a mean girl since I tried to always be a friend to everyone. There have been times in life both as an adult, teen and child that I have came in contact with mean girls. As I said avoidance or striking a converstaion with the mean girl is the thing to do.

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  1. Yes, maturity and wisdom sure help us to see things differently don't they? I also feel like if a woman is mean, she is likely hurting for some reason, and try to treat her accordingly! I'm always asking God to help me see people the way He does....including the mean girls.....and certain politicians :-) Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Oh, I wanted to pass along the blog of a dear friend of mine to you, she is also a saving money fanatic! She saves circles around me :-) Her blog is Have a blessed Day!

  3. It makes such a difference when we choose to be mature instead of immature. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. Thank you for sharing today. Maturity is all about walking in God's love. Thank God that He allows us to mature in Him!

  5. thank you for joining in on todays discussion. Gods love and grace allows us to have a different kind of spirit when we come across mean girls. -blessings, Laurie

  6. Thanks for joining in the discussion. I don't think I've ever been a mean girl either. I pray we will all walk in God's love with difficult people. (Father, help ME walk in Your Love.)


  7. I think we've all been mean girls at one time or another - even if it's not to someone's face. And wisdom is definitely the key. God will grant us wisdom and understanding if we ask Him for it.


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