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Friday, March 20, 2009

Scensibles Little Bags Review

I am a mother of six children, three of them being girls. We are not the type of family that sits at home and does nothing. Rather we are always on the go. We Travel here and travel fro and always moving about. Since my children are all in their teens now certain things have changed with them. One of them is that they have matured (well at least their bodies have LOL). During our travels with often hike, camp, and play outdoors. Often there is only a crude bathroom available. So often problems arise with what they will do after using the bathroom with the material that may need thrown away. The Scensibles little bags are perfect for this. The Scensibles allow modesty to be kept in hand while life continues on the natural route.

Scensibles are great little bags to use whenever and wherever needed and because they are personal size a few of them can fit in ones pocket perfectly. The scensibles possess a pleasant scent. These great little Scensibles bags resemble tiny little shopping bags or what I would call a door hanger bag. The great little scensible bags tie up easily using the usable tie handles which makes them super easy to use.

Have you ever been in a public bathroom and seen signs that said please don't flush tampons. Well I have and the reason is because these little items create large problems with sceptic systems. The Scensibles bags cut down on exposure to pathogens that may be possible as well as harmful germs. These great little scensibles bags help to decrease the unpleasant odor as well as the plumbing cost that could build up if these little bags were not used. Best of all by disposing the tampons and etc.. in these little bags there is no need for it to be seen in the garbage reducing embarrassing moments.

So for a sanitary Savings solution remember scensibles little bags.

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