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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy Hook Review

Have you ever been somewhere with your little one and wished you had more hands? I know that this has happened one to many times to me. Now with the invention of the mommy hook these days are gone forever. You do have an extra hand in the form of the Mommy Hook. No more needing to carry all the bags when you can simply hook the clip to the stroller and then clip the bag to the clip. What a great invention and I feel a much needed one.
The Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. With a mouth and closure big enough to carry several different items at one time. The Mommy Hook has been built to last with strong but lightweight metal. The clip will fit virtually all stroller handles which is nice because it is nearly universal product. The rubber grip helps the clip to stay in place and cuts down on slipping. The Mommy hook can be used on the stroller for all those festivals, outings and walks. Have you ever been to a large flea market where every time you buy something they give you a bag? Well now you know what to do you can hook all the bags onto the clip.
For all your needs or for someone who has their hands full you now have the Mommy Hook that can offer that helping hand. Remember the Mommy Hook for the next time you are headed out and know that you will just need an extra hand.


  1. That stroller hook is a great idea! We have stroller swivelers, but I never thought of carrying the hook around for shopping carts, etc. Thanks!

  2. Oh heck yeah I need something like that!!! Thanks! :)

  3. I actually just received one as a shower gift - haven't used it yet - but I'm sure I will love it!


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