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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five Blessed Bows Review

Five Blessed Bows

These beautiful creative bows are the cutest items going for your princess's hair. I know that I want the best for my darling little girls and I am sure that you do to. Five Blessed Bows have clips, baby gripper clips, pony tail holders, and headbands among the top sellers. That is not the only reason to love Five Blessed Bows is terrific.

I also love the spirit in which the creators of the Five Blessed Bows look at life. They believe as I do that God is the creator and that He created beautiful little girls. By expressing their belief that God has created each little girl to be a special individuals who should feel treasured. Therefor Alison and Tracy, the creators of Five Blessed Bows, have decided to help young girls feel like a princess every day.

I can remember raising my girls how fun it was to fix my daughters hair. It was a bonding experience for mom and daughter as well as a time to create self esteem. Moms who spend time with their daughters seem to do better in life. Five Blessed Bows helps foster this with all of their great selection of hair products created for little girls. Now the love that I shared with my daughter has been passed down to my daughter to be shared with my granddaughter. What fun they will have as they take the time each day to dress up like little princess.

Five Blessed Bows was created when mothers started noticing the great hair accessories in Allison and Tracy daughters hair. Allison and Tracy are stay at home moms who took their love and hobby of ribbon work to a new business adventure. The name 5 blessed bows comes from their belief in god and the number of children they had at the time. To me that would be the two greatest loves of my life, God and my children.

The great bows created by Five Blessed Bows are created just for you, the costumer. The great bows are designed to withstand lots of wear. Five Blessed Bows are heat sealed and hand folded in a great smoke free home. They truly pack love into each Five Blessed Bow they sell.

I believe that the Five Blessed Bow company has placed their love into each bow. So why not give the one you love a great the bow that has been put together with love.

Buy: You can order a Five Blessed Bow from their website here

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