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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am thankful for several things today.

I am thankful for my grandma who taught me lots of things even if I didn't know at the time I was learning. It seemed that she was strict on me but now that I look back on it she was teaching me things that I would use in the future and I do. I can remember my dad telling me that I was alot like my grandmother because of how I took care of my house, my children and gave all the praise to God. My mother has often commented on things that I do that my grandmother used to do that. SO today I would like to list the things I am grateful my grandmother taught me

cooking, she always loved to cook and so do I
saving, I never knew that she was so thrifty my mother pointed this out that both me and her knew how to save money
cleaning, she was always tidy and i have had people to comment that they could not believe how nice my house was kept with all the children that I have
serving, she was always serving others and I desire to do for others as well whether family, church, community or other
praising God, I will never forget how she sang in church I loved it even if it was not always on key she praised God regardless

those are a few of the things that I am thankful that my grandmother taught me

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