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Sunday, December 14, 2008

making money at CVS

I am going to make my first profit from CVS. I completed the $20 choclate profit and recieved $10 ECB This week I will do the $20 Excedrin and use 4 $2 coupons and the $10 ECB I recieved last week and recieve another $10 ECB but pay $2 out of pocket I still make $8. THis is cool I can handle it.

Finally figured it out. This is what I will buy today:
CVS deal listed above I will also pick up werthers B1G1 I have 2 coupons so this deal will be .19 for both bags
Walgreens has a couple of good deals going on so I will pickup
Skippy pb 3 jars for $1.50 (need for snacks, and cookies),
coffeemate 2.49 b1g1 have .55 coupon so will be 1.94 for both
de mets turtles (I am thinking stocking stuffers) .99 x 3 2.97
welches jelly 2 jars for $1.50 3.00 total
Lays chips (for quick meals) 3.79 for both bags
royal jello ( quick desserts and snacks) 5 for $1
miracle whip 2.99 (this is usually $4)
christmas candy (I know a few little ones for these) .39x5 total 1.95
white rain shampoo ( boys dont care) $1 x 2 total $2

I will pay $26.49 for mostly items needed and christmas will end up with $10 ECB and $7 RR so will be like paying $9.49 for all That to me is good deal

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