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Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple womans day book

FOR TODAY December 22
Outside my window... I can see a quite sort of day very cold here and little is moving
I am thinking... of the peacefulness that the cold brings less hustle and bustle but also that I must go out and get something for kids to drink if water stays frozen
I am thankful for... everything in life all has its purpose and we must find the goodness in all
From the kitchen... little is going on today but the kitchen is warm and we will make meals today but no planned baking yet we may if the mood strikes
I am wearing... sweat suit the only thing that will keep us warm since it is 7 degrees and feels like -10 degrees
I am creating... a plan for the week if it stays cold like it is
I am going... nowhere unless it is to the store on quick errand to get water
I am reading... the devotional book my kids and I are woking on
I am hoping... that all have a merry christmas and the water unfreezes
I am hearing... sounds of my children playing
Around the house... little straigtning to do, no water so no laundry
One of my favorite things... my family all of them
A few plans for the rest of the week: Christmas Eve services and supper at my house and christmas dinners at in laws

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Daybook. Ooh--no water! Yikes! Hope that it unfreezes for you soon!

    Merry Christmas from Nebraska!


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