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Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday menu

This weeks menu also includes the holiday meal with one day that I only have to fit breakfast for the family because we will eat at a relatives house. I did buy a big enough ham that should make a good 2 leftover meal days (thats what we are pushing for however with 3 teenage boys in the house never know).

M: B fruit cup
L scrambled eggs
S spaghetti

T: B fruit cup
L leftovers (hopefully) or tomato soup)
S cornflake chicken

W: B biscuts and gravy
L will be light because Supper will be served early
pea salad
Birthday cake for Baby Jesus

Th: B breakfast casserole, fried ham, eggs
we will eat over at father in laws house pray for us because this will be first christmas without my husband mom who passed August 14

F: B apple slices
L ham sandwiches
S scallop ham potato casserole

S; B scramble eggs with ham
L hopefully leftovers?
S ham/beans and cornbread

S: breakfast at church
Lunch chicken casserole, potatoes,
supper hot pockets

we are stretching a bit but with Gods help we will make it

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  1. I know about teenage boys' appetite. Our 6ft 5 inch son can put away the food but he's thin. lol
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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