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Friday, December 26, 2008


This is a picture of my little granddaughter (3 months old) however this is not just my granddaughter but a miracle baby. This is a grandchild that has a guardian angel watching over here and I feel one that God has a great mission in life for. To start with this little girl was not to happen if the doctors had their way. This little girls parents were told that they could not have a baby. My daughter this little angels mother prayed and cried and all that she knew is that she wanted a baby. Her husband and her made the decision to save money for adoption of a baby that they would love as their own. This decision was taken to the alter many times and you can not even understand the suprise and praise that went up when they found out that God had blessed them with a pregnancy. At birth everything seemed to go wrong until we saw this little angel 20 inches long and nearly 10 lbs she was healthy and looked huge compared to the other babies in the nursery. At 2 months old though this baby was diagnosed carrying the virus that caused meningitis yet again prayers went up and we set in for the long haul they predicted a month with the outcome of either brain dead, blindness, deafness, or mental problems were possible. We waited and prayed and when they took the spinal tap once again the test turned up no signs of illness. Well all said that the first test was wrong we said no this was GOd and God is love and he protected her. The prayers that were said were like music to GOds ears. Praise God!! Well that is why this picture out of all that I have would be the one I would want because you see she played baby Jesus in the christmas play at church and is not afraid of Santa instead chooses to chew on his finger. Thank God for all that he has done and will do for Katelynn

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  1. Your grand baby is a miracle for sure. Congrats

  2. What a miracle - our God is a God who is SO good!

  3. Wow! What an amazing testimony that little girl has. Life is hard, but God is good.

  4. You can tell God has some amazing things planned for this little one because the fight has been real! What a testimony she has already! What a blessing from God!


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