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Monday, December 22, 2008

monday meme

Being creative is one that I sometimes struggle with at times it seems that I may be a ordinary person and then something will flash in my mind. This week we are struggling a bit in the department of menu and food planning so I have set my creativity in that direction. First of all my children are all home from school so we have extra mouths to feed 3 times a day. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! Well anyways I have stretched several different meals very creativly making casseroles and one dish supper meals. I love it when I have to go exploring because sometimes we make up meals that we would never have thought of before


  1. menu planning takes a great deal of creativity and it's something that I struggle with too. Thanks for participating!

  2. Good luck with that! Everyone loves a creative chef ;D (Well, everyone but my fussy 5 yr old...)
    Happy Holidays!


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