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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reflection Saturday

This week went so fast and the weather was a variety of flavors. Monday we stayed home as ice was all over the place and no one wanted to get out but there was shopping still to be done. The water froze and there was little to be done so we hung out and had alot of fun family time. The kids are all getting older and at times that is exactly what we need
Tuesday we went and visited his sister for the first time in quite a while. She just lives on the other side of town but things just sort of get in the way of getting together. But it was still cold and icy so we did not stay out long
Wednsday the long awaited cookie dough that my son sold was in and now needs to be delivered.. Still no water in the house so we needed to go get showers and water at his sisters house. We felt revived after those showeres. It was a little bit warmer and we decided we needed to finish up buying christmas presents. We decided that we would cut the list down a bit. The kids all had their shopping left to do as well. It went lat in the day and we arriaved home 15 minutes before church so i went to church with my sister and daughter and enjoyed the christmas eve service. When I arrived home my husband had the supper on the table. What a good husband I have. We ate and talked and wrapped gifts and went to bed.
Thursday, CHristmas day, what a fun day we had we went to his step dads and sisters opened gifts at our house, read the christmas story made monkey bread and biscuts and gravy for breakfast and all had a great time. That night was quiet as some of our kids stayed at other houses since they had family in. Our children just keep growing up.
Friday we fixed the water lines they were all shattered so it took 1/2 day but the temps were nice and warm almost as if God planned it that way. We ate leftovers and rested some. We started cleaning since with no water little cleaning gets done and today we are finishing that right after I quit blogging thanks for reading and getting a glimpse into our life.


  1. Saw your post on Saturday Special- Here is mine...

    I am too a frugal mommy. I think I will bookmark your site to check it out later.

  2. Thanks for being a part of Reflection Saturday. I love cookie dough, or should I say my family does...LOL I think that mostly it gets eaten not as cookies though but as a freezer snack...

    Oh, if you don't mind linking Reflection Saturday so that I can add any comments plus others to anyone else who joins in.

    Have a great weekend... :-)


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