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Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Movement Into Labor Day

With the start of the month of September the world enters the final 1/4 of the year. Wow, it has gonna rather fast. In the stores you may all ready notice signs of approaching holidays. The sales of summer goods are at a good pace now as stores begin to rid shelves of summer items and ready for approaching holidays. However, the summer heat has not betrayed us as the sweltering days are still around. 

Tomorrow, the first Monday in September we will welcome in a holiday known as Labor Day. It is a day that signifies the passing of summer and the approaching of fall with some areas opening up the school doors around the same time. In many areas this year, 2020 some schools may not open because of the Covid issue. Perhaps some things are different this year but the truth still remains is that Labor Day is always on the first Monday in September

Labor Day is celebrated in the United Stats on the first Monday in September every year and honors the Americans who have helped make this great country strong The day was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century. In 1894 the day became a federal holiday. At that time in history the economy was booming and Americans were working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. The workers did not make a lot and men, women and children worked sunup to sundown to make the money they would be paid. Yes, I did say children many factories would have young children under the age of 10 working. These children also worked in mines and mills to make money to bring home to the family. In addition, the poor, old, and young would often work in unsafe conditions where there was little air, bathrooms or breaks to be taken. 

In the early days of the United States farming was the leading way to make a living. Manufacturing would surpass farming and become the leading source of employment for most Americans and immigrants alike. Labor unions would form as more and more workers were hired to do manufacturing jobs. Thus strikes and rallies began in order to protest the poor working conditions, the long hours and little pay that employees received. 

September 5th, 1882 ten thousand workers would march from city hall to union square in New York City. These workers, who otherwise would have been at work, took their own time to hold the first Labor Day parade. A holiday for the working man had caught on in many states but it would take much more than this to have the federal government recognize the day. Unions and workers would stage strikes in protest of workers rights, pay and other issues related to labor. Eventually the Congress would pass an act in June of 1894 that would recognize the first Monday in September as a legal holiday and the act would be signed by Grover Cleveland. 

How will you celebrate Labor Day?

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