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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Great Day for Flying

Happy Birthday thoughts would have gone out to Wilbur Wright, one of the Wright brothers that shared inventing and aviation historical moment. The big deal was the first successful airplane that they built, controlled and flew on December 17, 1903.

The brothers were two of seven children that were raised by Milton Wright and Susan his wife. The family lived near Millville Indiana. Wilbur the eldest of the two brothers was born April 16 1871. His younger brother Orville would come along nearly 4 years later. Neither of the brothers graduated from highschool or married but were instead devoted to their inventions. However, Wilbur and Orville did attend school thru their highschool years.

In their 20s the brothers owned and operated a bike shop named the Wright Cycle Exchange. In the beginning they brothers would repair and sale bikes and later make their own. During the 1890s the duo would read articles about a German named Otto Lilienthal who would make dramatic glides thru the air. As they were drawn more and more into the world of aviation they began to watch birds and how they gracefully flew through the air angling their wings for balance and control. Eventually their dream would go much beyond observing.

In December 1903 Orville would pilot the first powered airplane. It was not the longest flight lasting only 12 seconds and going about 120 feet but it was in the air and it was the first time. The brothers could not keep this to their selves and wrote to governments in the United States, Britain, France and Germany informing them of the newly developed flying machine hoping to sell it. However, the plan was rejected as the potential buyers wanted more information that the brothers refused to give until a contract was sold.

The summer of 1909 Orville Wright would demonstrate the flight of the machine to the United States Army. A deal was made for $30,000 if the brothers developed a plan with passenger seats. After the flight the brothers would gain fame. The brothers would sell the patent to their company and become wealthy business owners.
 The brothers would go down in history as the fathers of modern aviation. The duo would make money selling planes to both Europe and the United States. The brothers would stay close throughout life.

In May 1912 Wilbur Wright died due to typhoid fever Orville would become president of the company and three years after his brothers passing would sell it. 

A thin rubber band
One roll of Smarties candy, or a thin Tootsie Roll, or other similar shaped candy
Two white Life Saver candies, such as peppermint
Two sticks of gum, any flavor
Markers or small stickers

To assemble the candy airplane:
  1. Push the rubber band through the holes of two Life Saver candies.
  2. Lay the two sticks of gum together on top of the Life Savers. Pull the rubber band ends up and over each side of the two sticks of gum. The gum wings should now be laying flat on top of the wheels.
  3. Pull the gum wings up and slightly away from the Life Saver wheels, to create an opening underneath for the roll of Smarties. Push the roll of Smarties under the wings, so that it lies on top of the rubber band.
  4. If desired, decorate the wings with markers, or small stickers.

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