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Monday, February 24, 2020

Kissing the Blarney Stone

In less than a month St. Patrick day will be here. One phrase that has been overheard by many is "kissing of  the blarney stone" But what is a blarney stone?? It is a real stone that has stood in Ireland and is believed to have special power. The legend of the blarney stone includes having the one that kisses the blarney stone to be blessed with eloquence and persuasive powers. Perhaps that is why so many have spoke of the stone. 

To bring the lesson home to children there is an easy activity that you can participate in. Simply go out for a walk and have them look for a good looking stone. The stone should be big enough to make a good paper weight. Each child should find one of their own and clean it the best they can. The next step is to pain the rock green and adding the words "kiss me". Another great idea would be to paint a shamrock on it as well.

Good luck to you and may the Blarney stone bless you all.

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