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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Who Was Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as he is known by many was born in Salzburg Germany January 27, 1756. His real name was Johannes Chrysostom Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart. He lived what would be a short life span in these days and times dying at 35 years of age. Mozart was one of the great European classical music composers. Perhaps, he is the most famous and many consider the most important composer in history.

Around 700 songs including symphonic works, chamber music, piano music, opera musi an choral music. Among his works are Don Giovannie and Die Zauberlote. The masterpieces that Mozart created were some of the most classical during the classical music era. Mastering both the piano and violin by 5 years of age it all seemed to come natural. Composing music on the piano and violin by the age of 17 he was recruited to be a court musician.

Mozart had been blessed by both a mother named Anna and a father named Leopold. The couple had a total of 8 children with Mozart being the youngest. His brothers all seemed to have short lives as they died when he was still little. His father Leopold was a composer and music teacher. His sister learned to play piano at the age of 7 , this is where Mozart himself became interested in piano and writing his own music.

Leopold would take his two young talented children to visit London, Paris, and other places in Europe. Mozart would be appointed the leader of the first violin section in an orchestra at the Salzburg Court. In 1769 he would visit Italy three times and study Italian opera and create two successful operas

In 1781 Mozart was living in Vienna where he created some of his best work. Ten years later he would die leaving behind his wife and 2 sons. Prior to his death he would ignore his health and continue to play and conduct music. Swelling , pain and vomiting his wife and sister in law would care for him. He was only 35 years old when he died and buried in Vienna in St. Marx Cemetery.

The cause of his death was never known. It may of been a number of things from influenza, mercury poisoning, or even disease related to pork tapeworm. The number one thought is behind rheumatic fever. Mozart became even more famous following his death.

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