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Saturday, September 15, 2018

They Have Feelings Too ---- Missing Kizzy

We are an animal loving family and have several pets that we take care of. Recently we lost our little kizzy and it hurt like crazy as he was not only a dog... not only a pet.... but a family member. Like a family member there are things that we do that may annoy them but we may not realize it. Some of these include:

  • Touch is one thing that dogs do not care for. Your dog may enjoy the snuggles that we give them but when it comes to someone else hugging them they may not be so much game. Have you ever noticed how dogs react to hugs from children?? Often they squeeze just a bit tighter and longer. Dogs use touch to show dominance or control over the other animal. Thus you should not allow a stranger to hug your dog as it can make him / her feel uncomfortable Our dogs enjoy belly rubs more than a hug any day
  • The slogan " Let Sleeping Dogs Lay " is one that should be followed. As you little doggie lays there taking a nap, their little legs twitching while they are dreaming they may look adorable but this is a time they should not be disturbed. Dogs and their owners are both better off if the dog is allowed to wake by their self after all they may be dreaming about running and chasing that ball in the open. That is one dream I would hate to disturb

  • In order to let our dogs know how we expect them behave it is important to discipline them. But there is a difference in discipline methods and yelling. None of us enjoy being yelled at and just like we get stressed out when someone yells at us our dog gets stressed out as well. The tone of our voice when yelling resembles loud angry barking to a dog. This signifies them to prepare for a fight. This is why it is better to talk in a firm voice rather than yelling. 
  • Don't stare at me!!! This is what your dog may want to say. A dog does not enjoy a staring contest and often accepts it as a sign of aggression. 

  • Our dogs get lonely. To them those individuals he lives with is his pack. Dogs are animals that love to be socialized. One idea is when you go to work or school to leave tv or radio on
  • Routine is fundamental for dogs. Feeding, walking and caring for a dog on a routine schedule so they can expect what will happen next. If the routine is constantly changing then you may putting your dog under undue stress. This stress may leave them angry or confused. 

Sounds to me if our dogs are a bit more like humans than what we often think. It is important to treat our pets well. With these few steps in mind perhaps you can work on being less annoint to your pet. 

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