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Monday, September 10, 2018

War Against Hunger

September is Hunger Action Month. People all over America will stand together for the cause of Feeding America. Food banks throughout the nation are striving to fight the battle of hunger. September is the chosen month to bring awareness to the hunger crisis. It is also the month to do something about it.

Many Americans continue to struggle even while the forecast says that the economy is improving. Millions of individuals still struggle to simply get by. Unemployment, lower wages and rising cost of living are all the reasons that people go hungry.

Adults who suffer from hunger may have children that suffer from hunger as well. Families that struggle with making ends meat and having enough to eat often buy the cheapest food rather than food that is healthier for them.

Kids go hungry as well. Children who do not get enough to eat early in life begin life with disadvantages that may be life threatening. Conditions such as anemia and asthma affect children who suffer from hunger. As these children grow up they will continue to struggle to get enough to eat and more chances than others they will struggle in school

Throughout the month of September I will share how you can help the fight against hunger, and great tips you can use and share as well

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