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Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Menu

I simply can not wait til the beauty of fall arrives here in Southern Illinois. Here in Southern Illinois no matter the season there are always things to do. With my oldest grand-child running cross country, my middle gal playing soccer and the youngest in flag football we are active as well. Busy comes in when we talk about my youngest son's new business. So much is going on that there are nights that we have planned sandwiches

b: honeybuns
l: lunchable if you are going to take your lunch to school or work, for those staying home there is deli sandwiches
s: meatball subs and chips

b: breakfast casserole
l: chicken nuggets or pack your lunch with PBJ and chopped veggie sticks with dip
s: chicken steaks, potatoes,

b: granola bar or sausage / biscut
l: leftovers or if you are headed to school or work it is chicken sandwich, chips
s: its church night so kids will eat there and adults will have pizza

b scrambled eggs
l PBJ , apple slices for all
s daughter cooking supper

b pancake and sausage
l deli sandwiches or grilled cheese
s lasagna, garlic bread

b sausage and eggs
l lunchable or mac n cheee
s chilli dog, chips

b breakfast at church
l family dinner not sure who cooking yet
s after church supper always is eaters choice

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  1. Hi Angie,
    I came over to thank you for the visit. It is so nice of you. You have versatile ideas to plan what to eat for week. I just wish someone will cook for me so that I just sit down relax and eat.. ha ha.. Have a great week ahead. Im your follower now.


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