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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Its Time for Promposal

The last few months of school are busy.With achievement test, requirements for graduation and finals the last few days can be not only busy but studious as well. There are many fun things going on as well. Things like graduation, fun times with friends in spring and Prom.

Prom is the big dance that only those that have reached the 2 final years of school are invited to They may invite someone younger or older or even not in the same school district but they must be Juniors or Seniors. Some may all ready have a plan for who to take to prom but others may be looking for a date for the special night. For those a promposal may be in order. Promposal refers to asking a male or female to be ones date at the Prom. Like the good old days this can be as easy as passing a note

Here are a few other ways to ask someone to prom

Find some other great promposal ideas and how to pull them off here

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