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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Turkey Vulture

Turkey vultures are medium in size when compared to other vultures. Colors are primarily black with a red featherless head and upper neck. This type of bird often holds its wings in a shallow V in flight. Turkey vultures depend on a sense of smell to find food. 

Turkey vultures can be found in the United States. Winters are often spent in the southwest and eastern U.S. Environment of choice include deciduous forests and woodlands. They are often found flying over farmlands. 

Dining of choice is primarily dead animals. They can easily scent decay that has recently began. If they can not find food of choice they will select decaying vegetables, live insects or fish.

Turkey vultures have a peculiar way of depending on who to nest with . On the ground several birds will gather in circle and begin to hop in a ritualized manner. These birds will hold their wings partly spread. In the air, another bird will begin to follow another the birds will then begin to flap their wings and dive. These vultures will build nest inside hollow trees or logs, in crevices in cliffs, under rocks, in caves, inside dense thickets or in old buildings. The nest is a loose interpretation of that as the eggs are often simply laid on debris or on flat bottom nest site.

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