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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

American Red Cross and Spring Weather

Most of us have heard about the American Red Cross but exactly who are they??

The American Red Cross helps feed, shelters and provides emotional support to victims of disasters. An average of 40 percent of nation's blood is supplied by the American Red Cross. The red cross also teaches skills that save lives these skills include CPR and safety tips. Other things the Red Cross helps with are

  • international humanitarian aid
  • support for the military members and their families. 
This not for profit organization is only able to help due to the generous American public and the volunteers. Many times the red cross will help to share information to help the public to be safer. With spring coming and mother nature at her best some of the spring tips that are shared by Red Cross include tips for 

Spring is peak season for tornado activity. Warm spring days seem to call up tornado's that occur between 3 to 9 pm. Don't forget though tornadoes can occur any where, any time of the year, any time of the day. These safety steps should be read so that you are ready if a tornado warning is issued in your neighborhood In addition the Red Cross has a tornado app that can be downloaded from their website and used on your mobile devices. 

Tips that you should find interesting now include:
  • knowing your community warning system
  • Decide upon a safe room where all family members should gather if tornado warning is announced This room should be on the lowest floor of the building that has no windows. Rooms such as basement or storm cellar work great
  • Remove diseased and damaged limbs from trees now
  • Lawn furniture should be moved or secured. Anything else such as trash cans, hanging plants that can be picked up by wind should be tied down
  • Know signs such as dark, greenish clouds, wall cloud, cloud of debris, large hail, funnel cloud or a roaring noise should all be taken seriously as time to take shelter

Spring and summer days are of ten perfect for thunderstorms. After a hot day a storm may roll in during the afternoon or evening. Thunderstorms like tornadoes can happen any time, anywhere. Thunderstorm lightning is very dangerous and has been known to kill many individuals. If thunder roars, go indoors other tips Red Cross offer are:

  • storms with darkened skies, flashes of lightning or increasing winds are signs that outdoor activities should be postponed. 
  • If you do find yourself outdoors in a storm seek shelter in a building or car with the windows closed. Keep away from windows
  • Baths, showers and any other uses of plumbing should be halted til storm is over. 

Another weather activity that happens often in the spring season is flooding. So far this year there has been lots of rain and flooding. Communities have been inundated with floods caused by rains, and melting snow. Rivers and streams are filled quickly and the result is flooding. If flooding occurs near you more than likely you know that you should be ready to evacuate at a moments notice. During flooding remember to:
  • stay away from floodwaters Flowing streams where water is above your ankles should be a sign to stop and turn around. Six inches of swiftly moving water is all it takes to sweep you off your feet. 
  • If you are driving and come upon a flooded road, turn around. If you are on a road driving and waters suddenly start to rise get out of the car and move to higher ground. Cars are easily swept away by less than 2 feet of moving water. 
  • Children may be curious about all the water. Children should be kept out of the water

Remember to stay safe, keep these safety tips in mind and if help is needed the Red Cross is always near

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