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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Grandma Moses

Anna Mary Robertson Moses better known as Grandma Moses was born September 7, 1860. She would live to be 101 years old. Grandma Moses was an American folk artist only beginning her artistic carreer at the age of 78. Her art work has appeared on greeting cards and other merchandise, shown and sold around the world as well being displayed in many museums.  Grandma Moses appeared on magazine covers, televisions and in documentaries of her life. She was also awarded two honorary doctoral degrees.

Anna Mary had a long life with many years of hard work. At the age of 12 she would begin work as a live in housekeeper. She would work there for 15 years. One employeer supplied her with art materials to create drawings. In 1905 at the age of 45 she worked a farm with her husband. Together the couple would have 10 children only 5 would survive past infancy.

November 2006 The 1943 piece of art Sugaring off was valued at $1.2 million U.S.

Grandma Moses piece of art in the White House titled Fourth of July also is the name of a commemorativee stamp issued in 1969.

Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses were friends with each otheer.

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