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Friday, September 8, 2017

Backpack To School

There are many things to take note of when our children start back to school. One thing that we may not be noting enough of is their backpack. Yes, we want them to have one that they like but it should also be one that is right for them as well When selecting backpaks be sure to take note of:

  • that the shoulder straps are wide and padded. Narrow straps can dig into the shouldeers which can result in pain and restrict circulation
  • backpacks should have two shoulder straps. Backpacks with only one shoulder strap may not distribute weight evenly
  • A backpack with a padded back will help protect against sharp edges on objects inside the pack and increase comfort. 
  • the backpack itself should not add much weight to the load
  • rolling backpacks may be good choice for students who must tote heavy load. There are times that a rolling backpack will make it harder such as going upstairs and in snow or mud

Prevent injury when using a backpack follow a few steps
  • use both shoulder straps in order not to strain muscles. Using just one shoulder strap could also increase curvature of the spine
  • shoulder straps should be tight so that the pack is close to the body. 
  • pack light never more than 10 to 20 % of th students total body weight Pack heavier items closest to the center of the bak
  • Do not carry all the books needed for the day rather stop at locker often to unload books
  • use body mechanics bend using both knees instead of at waist when using backpack
As parents we can help our children be safe with their backpacks. A few things we can do
  • encourag our children to inform us of any pain or discomfort that the backpack may cause
  • Pediatriian should be sought for advice

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