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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visiting Your Loved Ones

While the warmer months of the year are the ones that I truly love and appreciate because I can get out and about there are those that are sad, depressed and lonely. We all have felt lonely from time to time but there are individuals that feel that pain of loneliness far to often. Elderly, individuals that are isolated, and those who suffer with depression will be found on the list. It does not matter if one lives alone or in a house of individuals they can feel lonely.

Have you ever walked into a nursing home or visit an  individual that is unable  or rarely gets out?? Have you ever noticed how happy that individual is to see you?? If you have not noticed next time you do so just look for that big smile on their face. As a care giver to those that are in nursing home I can tell you that they love visits and talk about them for days, weeks, as long as they can recall the memory of your visit.

With all the negative news concerning individuals living in nursing homes visiting your loved one can help you rest assured that they are doing well and gettiing good care. Visiting a senior that lives at home alone will allow you to see if they are declining in health or if they are needing more care to take care of their selves. Visits allow the elder to share stories about their lives with the visitor. You may love your visit as much as they loved visiting with them. Furthermore, take time to create more family moments with your loved ones. Making memories is something we all achiev to do. \

If you are unable to visit in person then take a moment to send a personal note. Cards, letters and photos all are cherished by loved ones that receive them. The love within these simple items is greater than you will ever imagine.

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