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Thursday, July 13, 2017

He Should Not See her According to Superstition

Many years ago weddings were arranged by others. The couple that were to be wed could not see each other prior to the wedding. It was not only a wedding but also a business arangements of sorts. The father of the bride would have delighted in the fact that his daughter were to marry a man from a rich, land owning family. If the groom was not attracted to the bride for any reason the deal may have been off. This would cast shame onto the bride and her family and may result in a war between the families. The tradition of the bride and groom not being allowed to meet until present at the wedding ceremony was so their was no chance of backing out of the deal. Furthermore, the brides veil was to keep the groom from seeing what the bride looked like til the last possible moment when the transaction had been completed. 

The custom of not seeing bride on wedding day has continued for many. This is partly to surprise the groom with the beauty The decision in todays world is up to the bride and groom and is often decided prior to the wedding day. 

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