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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rainier Cherries Day

The Rainier cherry are yellow with a red blush of color. The skin of these cherries is tender and very edible. Rainier cherries often are larger and more fragile than the well known Bing cherry. The pulp of this cherry is sweet, delicate flavor. 

Rainer cherries are available from Mid May to early August. These cherries were created by combining Bing and Van cherries. This happened in 1952 when Harold Fogl and researchers from Washington Agriculture in Prosser Washington were experimenting. The researchers combined the two well known cherries via cross pollen. The name of this cherry comes from Washington State's largest mountain, Mt. Rainier. 

Rainier cherries ar larger in size so they live up to their name source. Birds love these cherries and often become a problem for the cherry grower. Rainier cherries are naturally bigger than other cherries and super sweet as well. 

National Rainier Cherry Day happens every July 11th. It is not known how long this day has been celebrated. So why not take time to day to try a Rainier cherry. They can be eaten fresh or used in recipes both sweet and savory. Have you ever tried Rainier Cherries?? What is your favorite way to eat them?? 

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  1. I LOVE cherries.. this just made my mouth water haha lovely juicy piece <3


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