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Friday, July 14, 2017

Cell phone Courtesy

The world of telephone use has changed over the years through my life. The main way that they have changed is that you can now take that phone with you. Before, it was connected to the wall with the greatest invention being the cordless phone. Now days with cell phones they can go most places that you do, there are still some limits. While, for the most part this is great news the problem is that many have forgotten how to politely use their cell phones. 

Let me ask you: have you ever bothered anyone with your usage of your cell phone?? Have others irritated you with the way that they use the cell phone?? Here are some stats that may or may not surprise you:

One of the most irritating things for me is to be sitting at the table for a meal and their phone will ring or someone will text. The conversation then seems to stall as they text back or answer and chat while we are sitting at the table together. I have a no cell at meal table rule that all must follow

Another area that can get touchy is in calling others. If they work their job may not allow them to hold their phone with them, if they are a minor then their parents may have cell phone usage hour rules or who knows the time distribution can be tricky so be aware that if they do not answer there may be a reason.

If you are the one that is unable to use your phone be sure to shut it off so that the constant buzzing will not irritate others.

Finallly, if you are in a public area, excuse yourself and answer your phone and carry conversation away from the main area. This will not interupt conversation and will allow you to chat on phone when needed.

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