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Monday, April 17, 2017

Introducing the Ford Mustang

April 17, 1964 was a date that will never be forgot in the auto world. It was the day that the Ford Mustang debuted. The two seat, mid engine sports car was one that Henry Ford II was very proud of to share at the New York World's Fair. Before that date the car had not even been seen in Ford showrooms. That date in 1964 saw 22,000 Mustangs were immediately snapped up by buyers. 

The mustang was named after a World War II fighter plane. It was the first vehicle like this and became known as the "pony car". 

The Mustang was designed with a long hood and short rear deck. The car was priced around $2,300. This is why many looked at the Mustang as the "working man's Thunderbird". The car was featured on the covers of Newsweek and Time magazines as well as in commercials that ran on all three major T.V. networks at the same time. 

The year of 1964 was also the year that the mustang appeared in James Bond movie "Goldfinger" In 1968 the 390 GT Mustang was featured in Steve McQueen movie "Bullitt" That was the first movies of the hundreds that have featured the Mustang since. 

There are hundreds of Mustang fan clubs. It was in March 1966 that the 1 millionth Mustang rolled off the assembly line. In 1999 the mustang turned 35 and was issued its own U.S. Postal Service stamp. In 2004 the 300 millionth car the 2004 Mustang GT convertible was built and celebrated as the 40th anniversary model. This model would be the last built at the famous Dearborn production facility.

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